Website Of Krisztián Hofstädter

Hey there!

I'm a Hungarian interdisciplinary researcher living in England. A creative technologist? Oh, the beauty of tagging and labeling! Whatever... My main focus has been on using rhythm to induce and maintain altered states of consciousness, primarily an eyes-closed deep state that I hypothesize could be similar to what literature calls the DMT state, hyperspace, or the shamanic state of consciousness. I am also interested in many other things, such as mental health, meditation, brain-computer interfacing, music and sound design for films, personal knowledge management systems, web design, animal rights, and keeping myself and my family healthy through optimizing diet and exercise.


I work on the Enhancing Audio Description II project as a postdoc at the University of York and teach the Navigating the Digital World module as a part-time lecturer at the University of Essex. As an independent researcher, I am developing chapters of my doctoral thesis into papers for journals. This will (hopefully) support my early career research grant application so I can continue this work.

Some Past Works

Most of my music can be found on Bandcamp, some videos on YouTube and academic publications on ResearchGate.


I am also personalizing the Zettlekasten method in VSCodium using Foam and redesigning this website to better archive my work, so ... there will be more here soon. Join my monthly subscribers for updates!